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The Massachusetts RMV will Block License Renewal for Tickets

Massachusetts Registry News

The Boston Globe recently advised its readers to Beware of old Unpaid Parking Tickets. These outstanding parking tickets can cause the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to make your Massachusetts Driver’s License as well as your Mass. Motor Vehicle Registration non-renewable. This means that you will not be able to renew your license or registration until you pay the tickets, plus any late fees, and obtain a release from the City or Town where the tickets were issued.

The RMV will also block license and registration renewal for unpaid fast lane tolls and motor vehicle excise tax bills. As with parking tickets, the Registry requires payment in full and a release prior to license renewal. If you have any of these outstanding financial obligations, there is no way to renew your driver’s license or motor vehicle registration without paying what you owe and there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

If you are appearing before the Registry of Motor Vehicles or the RMV Board of Appeal, you should obtain a copy of your driving record and see if you owe any money for parking tickets, fast lane violations, traffic citations, or excise tax. If you do, you should pay these outstanding bills and obtain releases prior to your Registry of Motor Vehicles or Board of Appeal hearings. Unpaid obligations may indicate a lack of responsibility and this does not reflect favorably on you as a driver and someone who is seeking a hardship license.

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