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Attorney Brian Simoneau is a great lawyer. He is very versed on the current laws and he will help you convey a well organized winning case. I would highly recommend him.
James F.
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Customer Reviews

Mr. Simoneau is a professional and talented attorney that will do his absolute best to reinstate your drivers license. I know because he had mine reinstated before the Board of Appeal. Thank you, Sir.

Rod M.

I can tell you that Brian is the lawyer you want to hire if you want to drive again. He’s very straight forward and honest about everything. You need to be willing to work just as hard as him and do everything he wants tells you. There’s some things he cannot retrieve for you only you can do. So if your serious and ready to drive again just listen to him he does everything that will only benefit you. I can tell you that I haven’t had my license in 12 years and I hired Brian and he told me from day one “if you do everything I tell you and get everything I ask for it will only benefit your situation”. He will always be easy to get in touch with and will always get back to you at more then a reasonable time. I will refer anyone I can to him. If you want results he’s the guy to see.

Robert C.

Working with Brian was a great experience, he is very knowledgeable and was very professional. He got the results I needed to GET MY DRIVERS LICENSE BACK!. Thanks again Brian! You are a great attorney. I wish you all the best Brother!

Josh D.

From beginning to the end, all I can say is Brian Simoneau was the only BRIGHT LIGHT in a VERY DARK PATH. Between the RMV and Intoxalock it was one battle after another. Couldn't get any answers, or help from the registry or Intoxalock. THE SMARTEST THING I DID WAS CALL BRIAN. From the first day of hiring Brian there were answers and results. Today I had my IID device removed from my vehicle. I feel a freedom like no other. And none of this would have been possible without Brian. I can't thank you enough for your knowledge, time, and diligence not only threw a suspension, but right till the end with the removal of my device. I am beyond greatful. Thank you Brian.

Mike D.

I want to start by thanking Attorney Simoneau for he’s expertise when navigating the appeal process with the RMV, it’s an intimidating place to find yourself and he’s the foremost expert in getting results.

Matt W.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau is Outstanding. His advice on reinstating my brother's driver's license was exacting and precise, his truthful and frank manner was refreshing, and his expertise on license reinstatement matters is superior to other attorneys in this field. Within minutes of overlooking my brother's suspension record, he identified several "showstoppers" with the forms my brother was trying to process directly with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. My brother, James, now knows he must use Mr. Simoneau to handle this matter. Mr. Simoneau is excellent, and he receives my highest recommendation.

Martin B.

Attorney Brian Simoneau is a great lawyer. He is very versed on the current laws and he will help you convey a well organized winning case. I would highly recommend him.

James F.

Attorney Simoneau is by far the best I’ve come across. Certainly worth retaining for resolving license issues. Dealing with the registry sucks, but Brian took the hassle out of it & even found a second suspension in the works from them & nipped it in the bud immediately! Highly recommend!

Gabriel K.

We hired Brian to help a family member get her license back when it was suspended. He was very responsive, knowledgeable and thorough and got back to us immediately when we first reached out. He was able to get her hearing date moved up and successful in getting the license back. we would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

Dahlia B.

Working with Attorney Brian E. Simoneau was amazing. He was very thorough on all details of my case and was able to turn a very difficult matter around and was successful with getting my DL reinstated. I definitely recommend hiring him if you don't want to waste your money !!! Thanks again Brian E. Simoneau your the best !!!


Brian was great during my process with the RMV. He responds right away to any questions or concerns you might have and really pays attention to the details of your case. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me and helped me through my process with the RMV. There is no one better to represent you when dealing with the registry. His knowledge is the best around!

Dan M.

Mr.Brian Simoneau is simply the best,
I would highly recommend him!.
Thank you Brian very much for your prompt attention and resolving my matter with the MASS. RMV getting the best results.
Thank you!

Alex P.

Brian did a great job explaining the process. He resolved my case ,for the best possible outcome. It was short of a miracle. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with the RMV.

D B.

I definitely want to thank Brian for helping me resolve an issue with my MA drivers license in such a timely manner. After providing my information, Brian was able submit all the paperwork and settle the matter within a week. He definitely made the process easy with minimal stress on my end. He also responded to questions via email very quickly and provided regular updates on the process. I would highly recommend Brian's services to anyone with license issues.

Matthew C.

Brian Simoneau was incredibly patient with me and my son regarding an “event medical” letter sent to us from the registry threatening us with a license suspension. Mr Simoneau explained to us that it meant the license holder needs a new eye exam. We were unable to get through to the registry and he could not have been more patient or informative in helping us navigate this tangled web. He will be our go to in the future for all things registry related.

Lorraine R.

Brian is amazing! He helped me when I had my license suspended and communicated with me the whole time and gets it done! Brian knows what he is doing and I got my license back!! I recommend him 100%!!!!

Jess C.

Attorney Brian is super supportive. He’s prompt in response and super helpful. With his help, I got my license’s Issue resolved. Heartily thankful to him. Thanks Brian.

Vishvesh P.

I am very grateful and truly blessed to have Brian help me get my license reinstated. He was professional, to the point, and always available, for any questions I had. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone dealing with RMV suspension and hardship issues. Thank you Brian.

Bim R.

Brian is phenomenal. I was finally in a place to get my license back after my 3rd OUI. I was seeking to get my hardship 2 years prior to the end of my suspension. Brian was prompt with his responses any time of day and outlined everything I needed to have done prior to the hearing. I was successful in getting my license back after all these years!! What I applaud even more is that when I was having false readings on my breathalyzer he responded to my emails and gave me instructions on how to file for a violation hearing free of charge. I was successful in having the violation reversed because of Brian. He's an all around great guy and he knows his stuff. If you have your things in order I can almost assure you will have a favorable outcome in whatever you need his assistance with.

Kevin B.

I’m so glad that I reached out to Brian Simoneau for help. Year ago I had lawyer who took 2k for my case with rmv and didn’t help at all, just stole my money. After that couple months ago I reached to couple more attorneys who asked me for even more money, and that was kinda first thing they pointed out when I explained my situation. Brian asked me questions about my case and he was first attorney who did investigation right away and actually shared with me informations about my case which I didn’t even know. Price was very reasonable, highly recommended!
Thank you Brian!

Nikolas T.

I lost my license do to having a seizure while driving. I wasn’t able to get my license back on my own and knew I had to hire a lawyer for help. I wish I could give Attorney Brian E. Simoneau 10 stars on this review. he’s very professional, well experienced and will fight for you and get you back behind the wheel.

Sebastiano M.

Working with attorney Simoneau has been a pleasure, he acted quickly and resolved my RMV issues very quickly. I am extremely pleased with his representation on my case and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

Vincent B.

Attorney Simoneau represented me in appealing a License suspension for driving with an expired license. He filed my appeal within a day of being hired; set my expectations around the timing of the appeal process; and turned around the board of appeal result within hours. The appeal Brian submitted resulted in my suspension being annulled. Very pleased with the service and end result.

David I.

Brian helped us with all the professionalism we expected. I would recommend his office to anyone that needed. 5 stars no doubt about it.

Michelle A.

Brian E. Simoneau is by far the best lawyer I’ve worked with, and has gotten the best results. My license was suspended over an accusation of speeding, with no evidence. Brian was able to contact the Board of Appeal and even got me better results than I expected, with no hearing at all! I would gladly choose him again, and I recommend his services to anyone whose license has been suspended or revoked. Thanks Brian!

Shawn L.

Attorney Simoneau has helped me on two occasions. The first to get me a hard ship license and second to represent me on an IID violation dispute .
In both situations he told me what he needed from me , what was at stake and then proceeded to get favorable outcomes for me in both matters.
He is all business and very professional to deal with. I highly recommend.

Daniel P.

I highly recommend contacting The Law Office of Brian Simoneau if your driving license has been suspended or revoked. Brian was very responsive to my inquiries about how to appeal a suspended license and explained every step of the process to me. His expectation on timing were spot on with regard to receiving a response from the Board of Appeals. I am thankful I contacted his office to handle my case, which resulted in an annulment of my suspended license. Thank you, Brian!

Tina H.

I had an RMV issue born from a number of mistakes and poor communication in the medical world; I got a letter from the RMV telling me that my drivers license was suspended indefinitely. I made calls did web research, but didn't see a defined process that I could make any sense of of.
I knew I needed legal help and called a number of attorneys that advertised expertise in the RMV field. I chose attorney Brian Simoneau. Simoneau came right to the points I needed addressing, planned a strategy, made the forms clear to me and sent me off to do my homework.
Less than a week ago I got my drivers license reinstated. I can't thank him enough, to me the experience was similar to a miracle, for him it seemed like water running off a duck's back.
I recommend him highly.


Brian was concise, no-nonsense, and communicative in a timely way. This instilled a confident feeling about how things would go, and he helped me get the outcome I wanted. Thanks!


Brian was direct, professional, and empathetic. Got me a great result with the registry. I can’t recommend him enough.

Steve G.

Mr. Simoneau is in a class of his own. There is a broad consensus that his ability to get things done within the Registry is without parallel. Thorough and meticulous, I don't think there was a single question he could not answer for me. Not to mention that the only other qualified candidates with a reputation like Brians will charge an additional 25% to his rate, and with our registry being somewhat notorious you may need him more than most need a criminal lawyer! Highly recommend.

Nicholas D.

We hired Atterney Brian E. Simoneau to help a family member get his license back when it was suspended.
We can only say that Mr. Simoneau is an outstanding in his field. He is knowledgeable, very quick to response and his professionalism is unquestionable.
Mr. Simoneau’s ability go communicate with RMV and get things done is unsurpassed.
Thank you Brian for helping us out and getting the license back! We consider ourselves very lucky to have found you!
We would recommend Mr. Simoneau to anyone who needs to have their driver license reinstated.

Tamara M.