Hardship License

Hardship License

A Hardship License is also known as a Cinderella License or a Work License. With a Hardship License, you will be allowed to drive for an identical 12 hour period each day. There is no automatic entitlement to a Massachusetts Hardship License, even though you might meet certain criteria.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles issues Hardship Licenses for drivers who had their licenses suspended for Operating Under the Influence (OUI), being a Habitual Traffic Offender, and Drug Offenses. However, you cannot get a hardship drivers license for OUI while your case is pending. For 1st and 2nd offense OUI cases, it takes approximately 3-4 days after the case is resolved before you can apply for a Massachusetts Hardship License Hearing. This is because it takes that long for the court to notify the Massachusetts Registry of the outcome of your case.

If your license is suspended or revoked for these or other reasons, such as 7 Surchargable events, no insurance (uninsured MV), driving to endanger, motor vehicle theft, false license, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident, speeding tickets, an immediate threat report, medical complaint, or almost any other motor vehicle offense, it is possible to be considered for a Cinderella License or Hardship License by going before the Board of Appeal of the Division of Insurance. The Board of Appeal has the power to affirm, modify, or annul decisions of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. In order to get a hardship drivers license from the Board of Appeal, you must have a hearing, where you will be required to present certain evidence.

Our lawyers frequently appear before both the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Board of Appeal on behalf of clients seeking Massachusetts Hardship Licenses. It is strongly recommended that you be represented by an Attorney. We have been contacted by numerous individuals who have made the mistake of representing themselves before the Board of Appeal and lost their cases. The Board of Appeal has required them to serve considerable suspension time before they are allowed to request another hearing. Don’t make this mistake. Call us to discuss our services.

With the harsh consequences associated with Operating After Suspension / Revocation, why drive on a suspended or revoked license when you may be able to get a Hardship License, Cinderella License, or a full license reinstatement? If your license was suspended for OUI and you are convicted of Operating After Suspension, you are subject to a minimum mandatory jail sentence. Don’t take this chance. Contact a lawyer today to find out about a Mass. Hardship License.

As part of the service we provide, your Suspended License Lawyer can obtain and review your Massachusetts Driving Record. Contact us for details.

Having the right documentation at your hardship license hearing is absolutely critical. The Mass. License Suspension lawyer assigned to your case will help you with this. Both the RMV and the Board of Appeal look for certain documents in hardship license cases. One critical document is a letter from the individual’s employer wherein the employer explains the need for a license and how public transportation will not suffice. Other examples of key documents include program completion certificates, discharge summaries, letters from probation, evidence of drug / alcohol screening, documentary evidence of sobriety, and letters of recommendation. Having handled a high volume of cases, License Suspension attorneys know what the decision makers look for. We know what works and what does not. Effective case preparation can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your hardship license case.