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Missed Interlock Service Visits

Ignition Interlock Devices

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles can impose severe penalties for missing Ignition Interlock Device Service Visits. Two missed Service visits can result in a 10 year license revocation and all IID users should be aware of this.

A “service visit” is a mandatory visit by the Ignition Interlock program participant to the local representative of his or her authorized IID service provider so that the customer can have his or her device inspected, monitored, downloaded, calibrated, and otherwise maintained. These mandatory IID service visits are required within 30 days of IID installation, and approximately every twenty five to thirty days thereafter.

One of the main purposes of the required monthly IID service visit is to provide the Registry’s Interlock Department with data for the prior month. The Registry uses this information to determine whether or not the customer is in compliance with program requirements. If the downloaded data shows initial start violations or failed rolling re-tests, the Registry may schedule a violation hearing. The data also shows starts and stops, which allows the RMV to see if the vehicle is being driven regularly.

The IID Service Provider will check the device to insure that it is properly calibrated and functioning correctly. Malfunctioning devices or those which are outside of calibration limits should be taken out of service and replaced. The service technician will also check for and report evidence of tampering, circumvention, or disconnection of the device.

Service providers are allowed to charge a fee for these monthly required service visits and any missed visits are reported directly to the Massachusetts RMV Interlock Department. Sometimes vehicles break down, become non-drivable, or something unexpected happens which might cause you to miss your monthly service appointment. If you miss a service visit, you should promptly notify the vendor and Registry, explaining why you were not able to bring your vehicle in for the scheduled appointment.

Your IID may be programmed to display the number of days remaining until  your next service visit, as a reminder. Missing service appointments may result in a lockout, meaning that your vehicle will not start and you may need to have it towed to the IID service facility to be downloaded and have the lockout cleared.

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