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Crackdown on Unpiad Parking Tickets in Brookline

Massachusetts Registry News

The Brookline Tab recently reported on a crackdown against parking violators by the Town of Brookline. The Town has been towing vehicles which have accumulated more than $1,000.00 in unpaid parking violations and it recently hired a collection agency to go after out of state parking violators who have accumulated unpaid fines. The collection agency is calling violators and sending letters to their homes.

There is, however, no such need to hire a collection agency for Massachusetts violators. This is because the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles serves as the “collection agency” for in-state parking tickets. If a person who is licensed by the Mass. RMV or who has their vehicle registered in Massachusetts fails to pay a Massachusetts parking ticket, the Registry will automatically make the person’s license and/or vehicle registration non-renewable. This means that the driver will be unable to renew his or her license or car registration without paying the parking ticket(s) and getting a release from the city or town where the tickets were accumulated. The same holds true for excise tax.

Unpaid parking tickets and automobile excise tax are two of many issues which should be addressed before seeking consideration for a Mass. hardship license from either the Mass. RMV or the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal. Having outstanding financial obligations, such as parking violations, could be construed as a sign that the driver is irresponsible and perhaps not worthy of relief in the form of a 12 hour hardship or work license.

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