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Out of State DUI Suspensions & Hardship Licensing

Massachusetts Registry News

In cases where the Massachusetts DUI defendant qualifies for the First Offense DUI 24D Program, the Registry will suspend the individual’s driver’s license for 45 days. In North Carolina, however, a First Offense DUI carries a one year license suspension. The North Carolina Courts can authorize the issuance of a hardship license, upon completion of a DUI alcohol program, so that the driver whose license was suspended can get to work, for example.

Unfortunately, the North Carolina Hardship Permit does not translate to a Massachusetts Hardship License and the Mass. RMV will not reinstate a license which is suspended in the National Driver Register, even if the individual has a hardship license in the state where he or she is suspended. However, in these situations, it may still be possible to restore your right to drive while your right to operate is suspended in another state. So long as you have completed a first offender DUI alcohol education program and the state which suspended your license has issued a hardship license or permit, you may be able to drive legally here in Massachusetts. Contact a License Reinstatement Lawyer for more information.

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