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Mass. RMV Suspends for Connecticut Charge

Massachusetts Registry News

This e-mail from a driver licensed in Massachusetts who was cited in Connecticut for Minor in possession of alcohol shows how certain out of state violations can impact your right to drive here in Massachusetts, due to the National Driver Register.

I got pulled over in ct for a taillight and ended up with a 136 alcohol infraction ticket because of 2 unopened bottles of mikes hard lemonade in the glove box.. I paid the ticket but 5 months later I got a letter from the ma rmv saying my license is already suspended in ct and will be suspended in ma in 30 days if I don’t do what ct wants me to do which is pay another $175 to restore my license.. the officer never told me my license would be suspended .. ct never told me I was going to be suspended .. that I was suspended starting in Dec or even that I was eligible for reinstatement at the end of Feb .. the first I knew I was suspended was march 15 from the ma dmv .. I worked as hard as I for all month to make 175 to pay ct and submitted a check to them which I have proof that I sent on April 7 or 8 @ 930am ..1 week before ma deadline.. I called ma rmv to see if I was cleared and they said I wasn’t so I called ct and they said we don’t process our mail for 2 weeks after we get it and we won’t date it the day it was sent.. it will be dated the day we process it .. which means because of they’re laziness my license is now suspended in ma and il have to pay $100 to ma to renew it .. how is that justice.. the punishment certainly doesn’t fit the crime and both states are just screwing with me and kicking me while I’m down..

Once the “NDR-POSS ALCOH/DRUGS CONNECTICUT” indefinite revocation is cleared, the Registry may suspend the driver’s license for 90 days for having been convicted of Minor in Possession of Alcohol. This is because the law requires the RMV to treat out of state violations committed by Mass. residents or licensees as if they had occurred here in Massachusetts. Minor in Possession is one of the approximately 65 ways to lose your license and it carries a 90 day license suspension under Mass. law, G.L. c. 138 § 34C. I may be able to reduce or eliminate this suspension.

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