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Mass. Board of Appeal License Reinstatement Procedure


It is critically important to understand the Massachusetts Board of Appeal license reinstatement procedures, as many Appellants mistakenly believe that an order from the Board requiring the Mass. RMV to reinstate a license confers driving privileges. This mistake could result in arrest for driving on a suspended license.

If, as a result of your hardship license hearing, the Board grants any relief in the form of a hardship license or early return of a full license, the Board reserves the right to review this decision in light of new information being provided to the Board, or if new offenses or evidence of substance abuse occurred after the date of this hearing are reported to the Board.

If you have not addressed: 1) outstanding fines/fees related to the return of your motor vehicle license (ex: moving violations, excise tax, parking tickets, etc.); 2) a requirement to complete a National Safety Council course; or 3) reinstatement requirements for any out of state motor vehicle license suspension/revocation, any modification or issuance of a motor vehicle license by the RMV Board of Appeals will not be effective unless and until these requirements are satisfied.

This means that if the Mass. Board of Appeal grants you a hardship or full license, you must go to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and, pay the required reinstatement fees, and meet all other conditions prior to the issuance of a license.

For example, if you are a 2nd or subsequent DUI offender, you must go through the ignition interlock device installation procedure, at the Mass. Registry, prior to getting your license reinstated.  This is required under Melanie’s Law and the use of the interlock device is mandatory, for a period of at least 2 years, as a condition of reinstatement.

An order from the Board of Appeal to the Mass. RMV does not confer any ability to drive. It merely orders the Registry to take certain action relative to the reinstatement of your license or the issuance of a Massachusetts hardship or work license.

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