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Minor Violations Can Trigger 7 Surchargeable Events Suspensions

Massachusetts Registry News

Minor inspection and equipment violations can have major surprise consequences for Massachusetts license holders. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will impose a 60 day suspension whenever a driver has accumulated any combination of at fault accidents and motor vehicle violations over any rolling 3 year period. Until they receive the suspension letter in the mail, most people do not realize that citations for seemingly minor violations such as having a license plate light out, broken turn signal, loud muffler, or expired inspection sticker will be counted as a “surchargeable event” which could result in a 60 day automatic license suspension. If drivers had known this at the time they received the citations, they would likely have appealed. Instead, without knowledge of the consequences, most paid the citations and thought nothing of the incident, until they received the suspension letter.

When a driver’s license is suspended for receiving 7 surchargeable events in 3 years, there is no way to avoid the suspension by taking a driver re-training class. However, there may be other ways to prevent your license from being suspended or to get your license promptly reinstated. Fortunately, the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal hears 7 surchargeable event appeals and the Board may grant relief in the form of a hardship license or full reinstatement of your regular license. Also, I have successfully addressed 7 surchargeable event suspensions at the Registry level.

If your license has been suspended for 7 surchargeable events and you absolutely need to drive, contact me at 508-656-0057 for a free consultation and review of your suspension.

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