However, you can appeal the suspension to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal and attempt to get the suspension reduced or get a 12 hour limited hardship license.

The only issue that can be addressed at Registry hearings on 7 surchargeable event suspensions is the accuracy of your driving record. Therefore, you are not required to appear for a Registry hearing unless you can provide proof that any of the 7 violations relied upon for the suspension are under appeal or that any of the decisions have been reversed through the court system. The actual findings of any of the surchargeable events listed in your suspension letter must have been challenged, prior to your hearing, at the appropriate court or Board of Appeal Insurance Division hearing, and you must present proof of that finding to the Regsitry. Other challenges to the surchargeable events will not be re-addressed at your RMV hearing. There is no requirement that you attend a hearing if you do not meet the above-listed conditions.

At the end of the suspension period you will be required to pay a $100 reinstatement fee. The 60-day suspension is mandatory under Massachusetts law. However, it can be appealed as discussed above. Contact a lawyer for more information. Attorney Brian E. Simoneau has achieved outstanding results in challenging and reversing these 7 surchargeable event suspensions.