7 Surchargable Event License Suspensions

7 Surchargable Event License Suspensions

A “Surchargable Event” is defined as an At Fault Accident, traffic law violation, or Comprehensive Coverage claim, which may result in an increase in the Policyholder’s premium.

If you have accumulated 5 surchargable events within a 3 year period, you will have to take the NSC Driver Attitude Class. Once you take the class, the RMV will be notified and your license will not be suspended. This rule will be changed in October of 2010. When the new 3 surchargable event suspension law goes into effect, the NSC Driver Retraining Class will be required after the accumulation of 3 surchargeable events within any 2 year period.

If you have accumulated 7 Surchargable Events within a 3 year period, the Registry will suspend your Massachusetts license for a period of sixty (60) days. This license suspension is mandatory and the Registry has no discretion. However, it is possible to avoid the mandatory license suspension if you can show that your driving record is inaccurate. If you were found not responsible or not guilty for the offenses upon which the 7 surchargable suspension is based, you can avoid losing your license. Contact a Registry Lawyer if you need assistance with this. I have been very successful in getting clients relief from 7 surchargeable events suspensions.

If you have a Massachusetts Suspended License for 7 Surchargable Events, you have the right to appeal the suspension to the Board of Appeal. Unlike the RMV, which has no discretion in this situation, the Board has the power to modify or annul the license suspension. After a hearing the Board may authorize the issuance of a hardship license or it may shorten the length of the suspension. Massachusetts Registry Lawyers have a proven record of success. We have successfully challenged 7 surchargable event suspensions and gotten our clients’ licenses reinstated. Don’t suffer with a 60 day license suspension. Contact us for help.

Hearings before the Board of Appeal are not scheduled immediately. There is a delay between the filing of the appeal and the hardship license hearing. Therefore, if you have received a suspension notice, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A Registry Lawyer will handle the filing and processing of your appeal. Our lawyers usually file the appeals as soon as we are retained. This immediate filing procedure minimizes suspension time for our clients.

Penalties for driving on a Massachusetts Suspended License can be severe and might include jail time. Do not risk being arrested when we may be able to get your Massachusetts License Suspension reduced or get you a hardship license.