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MA RMV Suspending for Out of State Convictions


The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has stepped up its efforts to suspend driver’s licenses for out of state convictions, especially those for operating under the influence, reckless driving, Motor Vehicle Homicide, and other related motor vehicle offenses.

The Registry is legally allowed to penalize a Massachusetts resident or license holder who is convicted of an out of state motor vehicle violation by imposing the same license suspension or revocation that would be imposed as if the offense had occurred here in Massachusetts. The apparent intent of this law is to prevent a Massachusetts resident or licensed driver from escaping punishment for an out of state automobile law conviction.

The MassDOT Suspension Department is currently checking every licensed driver in Massachusetts with the National Driver Register to find out of state suspensions and convictions. This process will undoubtedly generate suspension notices for DUI convictions and other motor vehicle law violations, even if they were committed many years ago.

If you are the unfortunate recipient of a suspension notice due to an out of state violation, you have the right to appeal the suspension to the Registry of Motor Vehicles Driver Control Unit in Boston and also to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal. Not all of these suspensions are legally valid.

I have successfully appealed out of state suspension and obtained full reinstatements, and in some cases, hardship licenses for my clients. If you are facing a Massachusetts suspension due to an out of state conviction, please contact me for a review of your situation. You may able to avoid the suspension completely or at least get a hardship license.

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