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Same Day RMV Hearings

Massachusetts Registry News

The Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer holds in-person license suspension hearings. All license suspension hearings are held remotely over the phone. You are entitled to have legal representation during these hearings and the RMV will hold them via 3-way conference calls so that your lawyer is on the phone line with you and the Registry Hearing Officer.

If you are represented by counsel, you should not schedule the hearing yourself. Your attorney can schedule the hearing on your behalf. This will ensure that the Registry Hearing Officer will call your lawyer and he or she can add you to the call.

It takes a couple of weeks to get a Registry Hearing scheduled via the Registry’s website. However, the Registry offers a very limited number of same-day hearings. To get a same-day license reinstatement hearing, you must go to the RMV Service Center in person located at 136 Blackstone Street, Boston, Massachusetts on a regular business day (Monday – Friday), at approximately 7:00 AM. You can also request a same-day hearing at these other Massachusetts RMV Service Centers: Fall River, Brockton, Lawrence, Wilmington, Worcester, and Springfield. You must get there early (before they open).

You can use the same-day hearing process to request a hardship license or reinstate your full license.

At approximately 7:30 AM, a security officer will distribute 5 hearing request forms to the first 5 people in line. You will need to complete this form and include all relevant paperwork in a blue envelope that the security guard will give you. Although you are required to request the same-day hearing in-person, you will not be allowed into the building and your hearing will be held over the phone. You must include a telephone number where you can be reached between 09:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Your phone must be set up to receive calls from blocked, restricted, and private numbers.

You must return the blue envelope with the hearing request form and any documents that you want the Registry Hearing Officer to consider. The Hearing Officer will call you between 09:00 AM and 5:00 PM to conduct your hearing. Once you return the blue envelope to the security officer, you can leave. If you are attempting to reinstate your driver’s license based on a Finding and Order from the Division of Insurance, Board of Appeal, you must include a copy of the Board’s order with your hearing request form.

If you don’t receive a phone call you can try calling the Registry’s Telephone Center at 857-368-8200. Although hearings are supposed to be conducted by 5:00 PM, Hearing Officers have been known to call as late as 6:30 PM.

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