Those convicted of DUI in California may soon find themselves having to deal with the ignition interlock device.

The State of California is slated to operate the interlock pilot program from 2010 to 2016 in Sacramento, Alameda, LA, and Tulare counties. The ignition interlock device prevents a vehicle from starting if the user’s blood alcohol content registers above a pre-set limit, which in Massachusetts is .02.  Interlock devices are currently being used in California on a limited basis, when a judge requires the device for a DUI offender. 

California Ignition Interlock Device users will find out that the devices use non-alcohol specific and somewhat unreliable fuel cells, which can and sometimes do trigger false positive alcohol results. The interlock devices used in Massachusetts frequently mistake common products, foods, flavorings, and chemicals as alcohol. This can result in a 10 year or lifetime license suspension.