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Mass. License Suspensions: Consecutive or Concurrent?

Massachusetts Registry News

I routinely get questions regarding whether the Massachusetts RMV runs drivers license suspensions consecutively or concurrently. The answer to this common question is: it depends on the license suspension reason. Melanie’s law requires the Mass RMV to “stack” breathalyzer failure and breath test refusal suspensions against drunk driving convictions triggered by the same OUI.  Massachusetts Admin. Per Se and Chemical Test Refusal Suspensions run first. The OUI suspension commences only after the driver has served the other suspensions.

Also, in cases where there are multiple OUI license suspensions, the Registry will stack these suspensions against each other, so that they run consecutively and not concurrently.

In some other cases, license suspensions run concurrently, For example, if a person is convicted of DUI 2nd offense he receives a 2 year license suspension, along with a 4 year revocation as a habitual traffic offender, the 2 year DUI suspension will run concurrently with the 4 year HTO revocation.

If you have questions regarding your Massachusetts license suspensions, call for a free review of your case and initial consultation. It may be possible to reduce or eliminate your suspension. It may also be possible to obtain a hardship license.

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