The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles requires that all vehicles registered in this state to have mandatory liability insurance. This compulsory insurance requirement exists so that there will be funds available in the event that a Massachusetts driver causes personal injury or property damage to another. It is a criminal offense in Massachusetts to own or operate an uninsured motor vehicle, whether it is on a public or private way. This means that you cannot legally drive an uninsured vehicle or allow it to be driven in Massachusetts. Further, you cannot allow an uninsured car to remain on virtually any street in Massachusetts, whether public or private. A conviction for “no liability policy” will result in an automatic license suspension.

Non-payment of automobile insurance premiums is the biggest cause of lack of insurance. If an insurance bill remains unpaid, the Mass. RMV will revoke the vehicle’s registration. It is therefore important to make sure that your automobile insurance bill is paid and that both the RMV and your insurance company have your correct mailing address.

If your license was suspended or revoked for “no liability policy,” you may be able to shorten the suspension or get a Massachusetts Hardship License by appealing to the RMV Board of Appeal. The Board has the power to grant a hardship or full license even when the Registry refuses to do so.