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Ignition Interlock Device Reinstatement Procedures


Under Massachusetts Law, anyone who is reinstating his or her Massachusetts Driver’s License from a second or subsequent DUI suspension is required to use an ignition interlock device while on a hardship license and for at least 2 years after fully reinstating. Here are the IID reinstatement procedures.

IID Reinstatement Procedures

If the Registry denies you reinstatement, you have the right to appeal that denial and a lawyer can help you with that appeal.

You cannot be considered for reinstatement until you have served all of your suspension time or you have been granted a hardship license.

If you are IID required, the RMV will require you to install the interlock on each and every motor vehicle which you own, lease, or operate. Therefore, if you have multiple vehicles titled to you or registered in your name, it might make sense to transfer those vehicles out of your name, so that you do not need to have the IID installed in each vehicle.

If you are operating on a hardship license, you will not get credit towards the 2 year IID requirement until you have the hours removed from your license and you are driving on a 24 hour full-time license.

You cannot get your license reinstated in Massachusetts if your right to operate is under suspension or revocation in any other state or jurisdiction. The Registry will check the National Driver Register prior to reinstatement and you cannot get reinstated if you are listed as “not eligible” in the NDR.

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