Like Massachusetts, the State of California issues hardship licenses, which are known as “restricted driver’s licenses” in California, for those convicted of operating under the influence. Massachusetts residents who were arrested for DUI in California may be able to obtain these restricted driver’s licenses, so that they can legally drive here in Massachusetts.

In order to obtain such a hardship license, the applicant must submit proof of completion of an approved California alcohol education program, a SR-22 Insurance Certificate, and pay all required reinstatement and license re-issue fees.

The hardship license is restricted to those hours needed for employment and attendance of the required alcohol education program.

CDL license holders who were driving commercial motor vehicles at the time of the drunk driving arrest are not entitled to apply for California restricted driver’s licenses. Also, if the court has made a determination that the person convicted of DUI is not entitled to a hardship license, the DMV cannot issue such a license.