If you hold a Massachusetts Driver’s License, Permit or Vehicle Registration, within thirty (30) days of the change, you must notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles, in writing, of any change of your name, residential or mailing address. The penalty for failing to notify the Registry is a civil motor vehicle infractions citation in the amount of $35.00. Additionally, G.L. c. 90 § 26A allows the Mass. RMV Action to revoke or suspend the driver’s license, learner’s permit, or vehicle registration of a person who fails to notify the RMV, as required above.

It is important to notify the Registry, so as to insure that you receive suspension and reinstatement notices. If you notify the Registry within 30 days and you fail to receive a suspension or revocation notice, you may be able to use the lack of receipt of notice as a defense to criminal charges for operating after suspension. However, this defense is not available in cases where the driver fails to notify the registry within thirty (30) days of moving.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles will accept address changes on-line.