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Attorney Brian Simoneau is a great lawyer. He is very versed on the current laws and he will help you convey a well organized winning case. I would highly recommend him.
James F.
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Driving Record & Criminal History Reviewed at Every License Hearing

Massachusetts Registry News

Individuals who appear before the Mass. RMV Board of Appeal at hardship license or license suspension appeal hearings should be represented by a skilled and qualified lawyer who specializes in Massachusetts License reinstatements and appealing license suspensions and revocations, such as Attorney Brian E. Simoneau. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to fighting a license loss in Massachusetts. License reinstatement lawyers are intimately familiar with how the Board of Appeal and the Mass. RMV operate. This knowledge can make the difference and hiring the right attorney can dramatically increase your chances of success.

License reinstatement lawyers know that both the Mass. RMV and the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal will have a complete copy of a hardship license applicant’s entire Massachusetts driving record and criminal record at every suspension appeal or hardship license hearing, whether at the RMV or Board of Appeal. Those appearing for hearings must be prepared to credibly and convincingly explain items contained in driving or criminal records. It is therefore essential to obtain copies of both of these key documents prior to any hearing, as part of the preparation process.

In order to succeed at the Registry or Board of Appeal, you must be able to explain the arrests, convictions, and citations which appear on your driving record and criminal record. The Registry of Motor Vehicle Hearings Officer or Board of Appeal is likely to ask about the events which triggered the loss of license as well as any other alcohol related charges. Applicants are also likely to be questioned about recent driving on a suspended license charges and violations such as driving to endanger or leaving the scene of an accident. In order to win and get a Massachusetts hardship license, the Board or the Registry must have explanations regarding the incidents which show that you are not a danger to public safety, which is the primary concern in hardship license hearings. Appellants must demonstrate that the past or present problems which resulted in the loss of license have been brought under control such that the appellant is safe to operate a motor vehicle. A Mass. RMV lawyer can help in this area. Representation by an attorney who has years of experience in dealing with the Registry’s Driver Control Unit and the Board of Appeal can dramatically increase your chances of getting back on the road.

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