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Get Your Suspended MA License Back


In Massachusetts, a suspended license can cause a severe strain both at home and at work. Getting your suspended license back in Massachusetts can be a complicated process without an experienced lawyer.  A Massachusetts Suspended License Attorney can help you get a hardship or full unrestricted driving privileges back. In many cases, your right to operate legally may be restored if you have an experienced RMV lawyer represent you at a court or registry hearing. Contact our office to find out specifically how we can help you get your suspended MA license back.

The process for getting a Hardship License or a full reinstatement of your Massachusetts Driver’s License depends on the reason why it was suspended or revoked. There are approximately 65 ways to lose your license. The likelihood of receiving a Hardship License or reinstatement of your Massachusetts suspended license often depends on the knowledge and skill of your attorney.

Just because the Mass. RMV suspends or revokes your driver’s license does not necessarily mean that the suspension or revocation is legal. I have years of experience in appealing and overturning Massachusetts License Suspensions for drunk driving, DUI, 7 surchargeable events, habitual traffic offender, breathalyzer refusals, immediate threat, speeding, CDL issues, drug convictions, National Driver Register (NDR) issues, and many other reasons. Every suspension can be appealed first to the Mass. Registry and then to the Board of Appeal of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance. From there, suspensions can be appealed to Superior Court and beyond. The Registry takes a very broad view of the Massachusetts License Suspension Laws and, in some cases, the suspensions and revocations are not legal. Under the right circumstances, license suspensions can be completely reversed.

In other cases, where license suspensions cannot be completely reversed, it may be possible to reduce the length of the suspension or get a Massachusetts Hardship License, either from the Mass. RMV or the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal. After an appeal hearing, the Board has the power to reverse or modify any decision of the Mass. Registry. I have been representing clients before the Registry and Board of Appeal for years. I have a proven track record of achieving hardship licenses and full reinstatements for my clients. Contact me at 508-625-5776 or via e-mail: for a free consultation and a detailed review of your license suspension or revocation.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau, Massachusetts RMV & Board of Appeal Specialist

Select the license suspension reason for more information.

3 Speeding Citation Suspensions
7 Surchargable Event License Suspensions
Breathalyzer Refusal / Chemical Test Refusal
CDL License Suspension Penalties
Child Support License Suspensions
Criminal Motor Vehicle Offenses
DUI, OUI, DWI, “Drunk Driving” Suspensions
First Offender OUI Program & Hardship Licensing
Drug Related License Suspensions
False License Suspensions (Comp. Fraud Lic./ID)
Habitual Traffic Offender Revocations
Immediate Threat License Suspensions
Ignition Interlock Violations
Junior Operator License (JOL) Suspensions
Medical Suspensions
Out of State Violations, Arrests, and NDR License Suspensions

Many clients make the mistake of trying to represent themselves before the Mass. RMV or the Board of Appeal.  Others hire the wrong lawyer. Instead of hiring a specialist who routinely practices before the Registry and the Board, they hire a lawyer with no RMV appeal experience. This can be a costly and fatal mistake. If certain key evidence is not placed on the record, it may be difficult or impossible to successfully appeal. Review in Superior Court is limited to the record of the Registry or Board of Appeal Hearing. It is usually impossible to introduce evidence on appeal that was not part of the administrative record. It is therefore critical to insure that the Registry or Board of Appeal hearing record contains the right information. More importantly, hiring a RMV / Board of Appeal Lawyer can dramatically increase your chances of getting a license as early as possible.

If you lose at the Board of Appeal, it could take years to appeal your case to Superior Court. Also, because of the Board’s discretion,  it is next to impossible to win a Superior Court Appeal of the Board’s decision to deny a hardship license. This is why it is critical to fight to win.

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