The Boston Globe recently reported that the Boston Police Department, along with the Mass. RMV, has instituted a crackdown on handicapped parking placard abuse, and rightfully so.

Apparently, large numbers of able-bodied motorists have been using handicapped parking placards issued to others to park in handicapped parking spots. This, of course, prevents those who really need the parking spots from using them. It seems that many Boston motorists would park their vehicles outside of their offices all day, with someone else’s placard. Penalties for handicapped placard or license plate abuse include a $500.00 fine and this offense is one of the 64 ways to get your license suspended. Handicapped placard abuse can result in a driver’s license suspension for up to one year.

A group of Suffolk County Jail Officers were recently discovered committing handicapped placard abuse at the Suffolk County Jail in Boston, where they illegally took up spaces reserved for disabled individuals who were going to Spaulding Rehab.