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Traffic Enforcement in Mass. Likely to Increase

Massachusetts Registry News

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security recently announced the continued availability of $650,000.00 in federal grant money available to Massachusetts Police Departments for speed traps, radar / lidar patrols, and similar traffic enforcement operations throughout the state.

When Departments obtain these grants they assign proactive “enforcement-minded” police officers, usually on overtime, to issue traffic citations and enforce motor vehicle laws. In addition to an increase in the numbers of citations issued, these enforcement efforts consistently lead to arrests for driving on a suspended license, operating under the influence, no insurance, and similar criminal motor vehicle violations.

With the availability of this grant money and, hopefully, the end of winter, Massachusetts motorists should expect to see increased police activity in the form of traffic stops, DUI field sobriety checkpoints, and enforcement of motor vehicle laws. With an increase in traffic enforcement comes an increase in habitual traffic offender revocations, complaint immediate threat suspensions, and similar problems for Massachusetts drivers. Fortunately, lawyers such a myself who represent clients before the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal are standing by to help.

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