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Feds Criticize Massachusetts Drunk Driving Penalties

Massachusetts Registry News

The Boston Globe reported today that the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) criticized Massachusetts for not doing enough to combat repeat drunk drivers.  Once source of criticism was the state’s failure to have a crime called “aggravated DUI” where offenders who have a blood alcohol content of .15 or greater would be subjected to enhanced penalties. NTHSA is also commented on the ability to plea bargain more serious DUI charges to lesser offenses.

The Globe article contains a photograph of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and it states that the Registry will review the recommendations. This infers that the Registry is to blame for what NHTSA might characterize as lax DUI laws. It is unfair to blame the Registry as the Massachusetts Legislature and not the Registry is not responsible for the enactment of DUI laws.  The Registry generally does a very good job of enforcing existing DUI laws.

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