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The Registry is Cracking Down on License Fraud

Massachusetts Registry News

Four Customer Service Representatives at the Boston Registry of Motor Vehicles Branch were recently indicted on license fraud charges in Federal Court. The Registry will undoubtedly be revoking the fraudulent licenses which these clerks issued. Most, if not all, apparently were issued based on Puerto Rican birth certificates and other official documents to Dominicans and others who were not lawfully present in the United States.

Also, as part of a crackdown on license fraud in Massachusetts, the RMV is allowing police officers and other law enforcement personnel to request that the Special Investigations Unit of the Registry of Motor Vehicles revoke an individual’s Mass. license or right to drive in Massachusetts if a police official determines that that the driver’s license or Registry ID card was obtained fraudulently or that the license or identification card possessed by a person does not match that person’s true identity.

When the Special Investigations Unit of the Registry of Motor Vehicle, which is also known as the Enforcement Services Unit, receives a license fraud report, the RMV will schedule a Comp. Fraud. Lic. / ID Hearing. These Complaint Fraudulent License (CFL) hearings are only conducted at 25 Stuart Street / 10 Park Plaza in Boston.

Anyone who fails to appear for a license fraud hearing will have his or her right to operate revoked indefinitely until the individual personally appears before a hearing officer at the Special Investigation Unit. The Registry’s Enforcement Services Unit will place a hold on the person’s record and no transactions will be allowed until the hold is lifted by Enforcement Services.

The RMV may impose a license suspension or revocation whenever a hearing officer determines that a person fraudulently used or obtained a Massachusetts Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, or Identification Card. In addition to the RMV’s discretionary suspension, a separate one-year license suspension will be automatically imposed, by operation of law, whenever a driver has been convicted of license fraud in violation of G.L. c. 90 Section 24B, which is a felony that carries a maximum sentence of up to 5 years in state prison. Even without a criminal conviction, the RMV may impose a suspension for if a Hearing Officer determines that an individual fraudulently used or obtained a license, permit, or ID card. In some cases, the Registry can suspend and prosecute even if the attempt was unsuccessful and no credential was ultimately generated. This is because the crime is complete when a person provides false information in any application for a license, permit, or ID card.


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