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Maine Restricted Work Licenses for DUI Suspensions

Massachusetts Registry News

Mass. residents who are arrested for DUI in the State of Maine may be able to get back on the road with a hardship license, which is known as a work-restricted license in Maine.  These licenses are available so that people who have had their licenses or right to drive suspended due to a Maine DUI arrest can get to and from work and drive as part of their work-related duties. A restricted license will also allow the driver to get to and from his or her assigned DUI alcohol education program.

Work licenses are only available if the driver has not had a drunk driving license suspension within the past 10 years and where there is no breathalyzer refusal.  Where the driver’s BAC is .20 or higher, he or she must convince the Secretary of State’s office that he or she has addressed any alcohol issue which resulted in the high blood alcohol content.

Restricted work licenses should not be confused with “conditional licenses.” In Maine, conditional licenses are issued to those who have been convicted of DUI. These are “zero tolerance” licenses, meaning that the license holder cannot have any alcohol in his or her system.

If you are a Massachusetts resident and you get a DUI in Maine, the State of Maine will revoke your right to drive. If the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles receives notification of this, the Registry will indefinitely suspend your Massachusetts license. However, if you are able to obtain a Maine restricted license, you may be able to reinstate your Mass. license by going to the Board of Appeal.

For more information on Maine work-restricted licenses, see Maine Revised Statutes, Title 29A, § 2503.

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