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Attorney Brian Simoneau is a great lawyer. He is very versed on the current laws and he will help you convey a well organized winning case. I would highly recommend him.
James F.
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I wrote the Book on Immediate Threat Suspension Appeals


My name is Brian Simoneau. I have over 20 years of experience and I am the author of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses: Obtaining, Losing, and Seeking Reinstatement of Driver’s Licenses. This is the book that other lawyers use to figure out how to appeal suspensions. So I literally wrote the book on immediate threat suspension appeals. I have become the leader in Massachusetts License Reinstatements and I have extensive experience when it comes to license suspension appeals.

I have successfully handled hundreds of immediate threat suspension appeals at the Board of Appeal, where I have achieved excellent results in the form of license reinstatements for my clients. I have terminated hundreds of immediate threat revocations by appealing them on legal grounds and convincing the Board of Appeal to order the Registry to reinstate the customer’s license. I have also prevailed in a large number of appeals in Superior Courts across Massachusetts. I have appeared on brief before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, where I achieved success in a major license suspension appeal case.

I have successfully fought indefinite immediate threat suspensions at all levels, at the Registry, the Board of Appeal, and in Superior Court. Using my in-depth knowledge of the applicable Massachusetts statutes, such as G.L. c. 90 § 22(a), the Registry’s Regulations, and applicable immediate threat court decisions, I have reversed immediate threat revocations in countless cases.

You will find no lawyer in Massachusetts who has more knowledge and experience when it comes to driver’s license suspension appeals. I have focused intensively on this area of law for many years and I have earned a reputation as a statewide expert. I often consult with other lawyers who rely on my expertise to guide them as they fight for their clients and challenge immediate threat and other license suspensions such as 10-year ignition interlock revocations and DUI suspensions.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles has lawyers working on its side and you deserve to have a lawyer working for you. Suspension appeal hearings are adversarial in nature. There will be a lawyer there trying to keep you off the road and you should have a lawyer advocating for the return of your license. Don’t go unrepresented.

If you are facing an indefinite immediate threat suspension, please contact me so that we can discuss how I can get your license restored, as I have done for countless clients over the past 20 years. There are important legal arguments to be made in these cases and I have used these points of law to get my clients back on the road

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