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The Ignition Interlock Removal Process

Ignition Interlock Devices

Melanie’s law requires repeat DUI offenders to use a certified Ignition Interlock Device for the duration of any DUI hardship license and for a minimum of two years after removal of the hardship “H” license restriction. Once you have served enough time with the Ignition Interlock Device, you can go through the IID removal process.

First, you must have a final download performed and ask that the results of this download, which is done at your local IID service provider, be transmitted to the Registry’s Ignition Interlock Department in Boston, Massachusetts.

If your final download shows that for the 6 month period immediately preceding your removal request,  there were no ignition interlock infractions or violations such as initial start violations, missed rolling re-tests, missed service visits, or failed rolling re-tests, you will be granted authorization to have the IID removed from your vehicle. You should only have the device removed after a Registry Hearing Officer grants you removal authorization. Premature removal of the IID may result in an immediate revocation of your license.

If the final IID download shows violations or infractions, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will deny you removal and you will be required to serve at least 6 additional months with the IID. If a Registry Hearing Officer authorizes the removal, you must turn in your driver’s license which shows the “Z” Ignition Interlock Restriction and you will be issued a new license which does not show that restriction. The cost for a new license is $30.00.

You must follow the above-listed procedures to have your IID legally removed once you have served enough time. Removing the device without going through this process may result in a license revocation and other serious penalties and consequences.  Until your “Z” restriction is lifted by the Registry, you cannot own, lease, or drive any motor vehicle which is not equipped with a certified IID.

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