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Mass. Driving Record Q&A

Mass. RMV Q&A

Situation: In January I got pulled over for driving with a suspended license.  The reason I was doing so was that I was never informed that my license was suspended.  I found out that it was due to lack of payment on a previous ticket that I had tried to pay but had done so improperly.  I was likewise never informed that the payment never went through.  I went to court and the charge was dropped for driving with a suspended license, but the suspension is still on my record.  The day after I got pulled over, I went to the RMV and payed all necessary fees and got my license reinstated, which shows that I want to do the right thing and would have just paid the initial fee properly had I known that it did not go through.  The suspension on my license has made my insurance incredibly expensive, and so I need to appeal the suspension because I was never informed that it was happening and certainly would have done what was necessary to avoid it.

Answer: Since the charge of operating after suspension was dismissed, there is no way that it is generating an insurance premium increase. Here, the driver wants to have the fact that her license was suspended for four months removed from her driving history. This is impossible. The Registry is legally required to maintain complete and accurate records. Accordingly, the RMV will not erase items from someone’s driving record. The record shows that the Clerk-Magistrate denied the complaint application on the suspended license charge and that  cannot be used against  the driver for insurance purposes. Unfortunately, the law requires that the payment default suspension remain on the driver’s record.

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