The Boston Globe reported today that the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and other senior RMV staff members manned licensing counters at various Registries on Friday, to give more of their employees an opportunity to take New Years Eve day off. One of the benefits of this practice, which the Registrar has done before, is that she can see first-hand how the branches operate. It also allows Registry customers an opportunity to meet the Registrar and other senior RMV staffers.

The Registrar and her staff should be commended for periodically getting out from behind their desks to see how the agency operates on a day to day basis. This hands-on approach will have a positive effect on morale and it keeps the agency leaders in touch with the people and systems which serve the Registry’s customers on a daily basis. Coincidentally, the day the Registry and her top staff worked the counters was the same day the Registry’s computer system crashed. The Registrar was able to see the impact of a technical problem and calm those waiting in long lines while the problem was addressed.