Being convicted of a variety of property crimes will result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. For example, stealing or vandalizing a car will trigger a 1 year revocation for a first offense and a 5 year revocation for a 2nd offense.  Filing a false stolen car insurance claim and receiving a stolen car will trigger the same 1 year or 5 year license revocations.  Defacing or removing a Vehicle Identification Number, trying to sell a car with a removed or obliterated VIN, or knowingly possessing such a vehicle, will trigger a 60 day suspension for a first offense and a 1 year suspension for a repeat offense. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will also suspend your driver’s license for littering or tagging.

These are some of the approximately 65 ways to lose your driver’s license or right to drive in Massachusetts. Everyone is aware that crimes such DUI and breathalyzer refusals will trigger license suspensions. However, there are many other ways to lose your right to drive in Massachusetts. Fortunately, there are lawyers who are available to help with license suspension appeals, hardship licenses, and reinstatements.

If you are facing a license suspension or revocation in Massachusetts, call or e-mail for a free review of your situation. Don’t risk being arrested for driving after suspension when you may be able to drive legally, with a valid Mass. license.