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Mass. Board of Appeal Revised Hearing Schedule


The Massachusetts Board of Appeal of the Division of Insurance hears hardship license, ignition interlock, and Mass. License Suspensions Appeals. The Board has the power to reverse, modify, and annul decisions of the Mass. RMV. Unlike the Registry, the Board does not hear appeals on a walk-in basis. Instead, appeals must be filed in advance and hearings are scheduled based on the length of the suspension and when the appeal was filed. The Board hears approximately 6,000 license suspension and hardship license cases per year, many of which are complex and time-consuming.  The following is the Board’s hearing schedule:

  • 30 day license suspension appeals are heard approximately 2 weeks from filing
  • 60 days license suspension appeals are heard approximately 3 weeks from filing
  • 4-8 year license suspension appeals are heard approximately 12-14 weeks from filing
  • 10 year license revocation appeals are heard approximately 3-6 months from filing
  • Most other license suspension appeals are heard 6-10 weeks from filing.

There is nothing than can be done to expedite Board of Appeal hearings, so as to be fair to the thousands of people who file appeals each year.


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