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No Relief for Financial Hardship from Mass. RMV


Given the current state of the economy, many Massachusetts drivers are having trouble paying child support, traffic citations, excise tax, and license reinstatement fees. I have received numerous inquiries regarding the possibility of getting a hardship license or waiver of license reinstatement fees based on financial hardship, while a suspension for non-payment is in effect. Unfortunately, neither the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles nor the RMV Board of Appeal affords this type of financial hardship relief.

The only way to clear a payment default suspension is to pay the citation and you cannot get a hardship, or any type of Massachusetts license, unless and until all financial obligations are met. Likewise, neither the Mass. RMV nor the RMV Board of Appeal will clear a child support suspension without a release from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR).

The Board of Appeal does not waive reinstatement fees and the Registry requires payment in full prior to renewing or reinstating a suspended, revoked, or expired Massachusetts driver’s license. 

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