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Ignition Interlock Violation Suspension – Keep it in or Remove it ?


Individuals who are facing an indefinite or 10-year license suspension for an Ignition Interlock Violation (IVO) such as failed rolling re-tests, failed start-up tests, missed service visits, and circumvention often ask whether or not they should have the ignition interlock device (IID) removed from their vehicles while their ignition interlock suspension appeal is pending before the Board of Appeal.

It usually takes several months to get an ignition interlock violation appeal hearing scheduled before the Board of Appeal, some interlock customers opt to have the device removed while others decide to keep it in the vehicle. This is a personal choice.

Removing the device or leaving it in will have no bearing on the outcome of your ignition interlock suspension appeal.

As soon as your license is suspended for an Ignition Interlock Violation (IVO) you stop getting credit towards the 2 year IID requirement. There’s no “credit for time served,” towards the IID requirement while your license is suspended for any reason.

If you decide to leave the ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle while your ignition interlock suspension appeal is pending, you will still need to bring the vehicle in for your monthly service visits. If you miss a service visit, while your license is suspended, the RMV will not penalize you. However, your vehicle will go into lockout and it will not start. This will require you to either get an unlock code from your interlock company or have the vehicle towed to the service center to be re-calibrated and have the lockout cleared.

Anyone can drive a vehicle that has an IID installed, so long as they blow into the device to start the vehicle and take the required rolling re-tests.

Having the IID removed will save you the monthly fees. In order to get the IID removed, you will need permission from a Registry Hearing Officer and this will require an IID removal hearing. If you have the device removed, you will need to have it reinstalled as a condition of reinstatement and re-installation will require a RMV hearing.

If you have the device removed, the Registry may automatically impose an Interlock Early Withdrawal suspension.  This is an automatic suspension that carries a $100.00 reinstatement fee and it is imposed to prevent someone with an IID restriction on his or her license from driving. This doesn’t matter if your license is already suspended for an Ignition Interlock Violation (IVO).

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