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JOL Speeding Suspensions

Hardship Licenses

G.L. c. 90, § 20 mandates a 90-day license suspension when the holder of a Junior Operator’s License is found responsible for speeding. A responsible finding is triggered when the Junior Operator pays the speeding citation or is found responsible by a Judge or Clerk-Magistrate. Out of State speeding violations can trigger this Massachusetts license suspension.

A Junior Operator License holder who incurs a first offense speeding conviction will receive a 90-day license suspension. The holder of a JOL who receives a second JOL speeding conviction will receive a 1-year license loss.

In order to reinstate a license or right to operate from a JOL speeding suspension, the Registry imposes the following requirements:

The Junior Operator must serve the entire suspension period (unless the Board of Appeal orders early reinstatement)
Successfully complete the National Safety Council “Attitude Retraining” program
Successfully complete the National Safety Council “State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR)” Program
Pay a mandatory license reinstatement fee of $500.00
Take and pass a written license examination and road examination.

The National Safety Council program information is posted on the RMV website n the “Teens and Parents” section. You should immediately contact the programs so as to not delay your reinstatement. NSC classes may not be immediately available.

JOL speeding offenses may be combined, by law, with prior and future offenses to trigger additional suspensions such as those for 7 surchargeable events, 4-year Habitual Traffic Offender Revocations, and Indefinite Immediate Threat License Suspensions.

It has been reported that the Registry will not allow JOL holders to schedule road tests until they have served 6 months on a learner’s permit.

The Registry states that “No hardship licenses ·are authorized by law during this period of suspension.” This is incorrect; you can be considered for a hardship license or an early reinstatement of your full-time license by appearing before the Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability Policies and Bonds. This agency has the authority to order the Registry to terminate JOL speeding suspensions. If you are appealing your JOL suspension to the Board, you should have legal representation. The Registry will be represented by a lawyer at your hearing and you should have an attorney representing you.

The Board of Appeal can order the Registry to allow you to reinstate without having to take the written and road tests, which could delay your reinstatement considerably.

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