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Harsh Consequences for Mass. JOL Speeding Tickets


There are harsh and severe consequences for violating the Massachusetts Junior Operator License JOL Law. For example, if the holder of a Massachusetts JOL gets even one speeding ticket, no matter how fast he or she was going, the Junior operator will face the following consequences. First, he or she will have a mandatory and automatic 90 day license suspension. There is no way around this. Once a Massachusetts Junior Operator is found responsible after a citation appeal hearing or the junior operator pays the citation, the suspension will be triggered. In Massachusetts, paying a speeding ticket is an admission of responsibility which can result in a license suspension.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles will not issue any hardship license on a JOL suspension. The only source of a hardship license is the Board of Appeal. However, unlike the Registry, the Board of Appeal does not do walk-in hearings. All Board of Appeal hearings must be scheduled in advance and it takes weeks to get a hearing.

Once a JOL speeding suspension is triggered, there is absolutely no way for the junior operator to get a license without completing two programs, the National Safety Council Alive at 25 class and the State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) program. The Board of Appeal will not issue a hardship license and the RMV will not issue a full license until the driver completes these two classes.

In addition to having to serve a license suspension and taking the two classes, the junior operator must pay a $500.00 reinstatement fee, take a written test, apply for a learner’s permit, and pass a road test. There is no way to get around these harsh requirements. The Board of Appeal will not excuse drivers from the fees, testing, or other reinstatement requirements.

If a Massachusetts Junior Operator gets two (2) speeding tickets on a JOL, the Registry will automatically suspend the driver’s license for one year. Again, there is no way to reduce this mandatory suspension or get a hardship license from the Registry. Relief is only given in extraordinary circumstances after a full evidentiary hearing before the Board of Appeal. The JOL license holder must convince the Board that he or she will not endanger public safety and that he or she has an extreme and substantial hardship. Young drivers often have difficulty proving this. The Board is accustomed to hearing from adults who are unable to work and support their families. Younger drivers generally do not have this type of hardship.

All JOL license holders should be aware of these harsh consequences and be careful not to get a speeding ticket. If a JOL license holder is cited, he or she should seriously consider appealing the citation.

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