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Habitual Traffic Offender Reinstatements

Massachusetts Registry News

When you reinstate from a 4 year Habitual Traffic Offender revocation in Massachusetts, whether you receive a hardship or full license, the Registry will charge you a $500.00 reinstatement fee plus a $30.00 new license fee. These fees are mandatory under Massachusetts law.

Once your  HTO revocation is completed, you will be required to take a full driver’s license examination, meaning that you will have to take a written test, obtain a learner’s permit, and pass a road test to get your license back. In addition to the reinstatement and new license fee, the Registry charges $30.00 for the learner’s permit test and $20.00 for the road test, which must be scheduled in advance.  You can pay reinstatement fees over the phone with a major credit card, in person at any full service RMV branch, or through the mail.

Road tests can only be scheduled after the written test is passed an a Massachusetts Learner’s Permit is issued. You can schedule a road test over the internet or by calling the Registry’s main customer service line. If your HTO includes at least one Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and you have a DUI  on your record, pursuant to Melanie’s Law, the Registry will require that you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle whether you are granted a full or hardship license.

The Registry treats 3, 5, and 7 surchargeable event suspensions and 4 year Habitual Traffic Offender Revocations separately independently of one another. This means that if you have past or current suspensions, you must serve each suspension or revocation independently. Also, the Registry can count the same violation(s) or conviction(s) towards multiple suspensions or revocations.

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