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Clearing a NH Suspension Triggered by a Mass. Event

Out of State Issues

When an incident in Massachusetts causes the loss of your New Hampshire driver’s license or operating privileges, you are usually provided with 30 days within which to resolve the matter, before the indefinite New Hampshire suspension / revocation takes effect. You can prevent the loss of your driver’s license by clearing the out of state requirements and presenting the notification of reinstatement from the Mass. DOT to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles prior to the effective date of the indefinite suspension.

The NH DMV, Bureau of Financial Responsibility, which handles suspension  and restorations, charges a $100.00 license/operating privilege restoration fee if the National Driver Register (NDR) suspension/revocation remains in effect for over 15 days. By law, your driver’s license or operating privileges cannot be restored until this mandatory reinstatement fee is paid in full.

When your New Hampshire driving privilege has been suspended or revoked you cannot legally drive any type of motor vehicle. If you have a new Hampshire driver’s license it must be surrendered immediately to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles. Failure to surrender a suspended or revoked license in New Hampshire can result in a continued suspension/revocation at the rate of one day for each day of non compliance. If your license expires during this period of suspension or revocation, you will have to file a license application and pay the required fee. You cannot drive until your privilege is restored in writing by the NH DMV and you hold a valid license.

As a first step towards clearing a New Hampshire License Suspension which was triggered by the Massachusetts Registry, you should contact the Suspension Section of the Massachusetts RMV at 857-368-8200 and provide the identification number listed in the letter from the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles. The Mass. RMV will advise you as to what needs to be done to clear the suspension.

The NH DMV, Bureau of Financial Responsibility must receive written documentation from the Massachusetts RMV that your suspension/revocation has been removed and that your driver’s license or non-resident operating privileges in Massachusetts have been restored, either by a full license reinstatement or the issuance of a Massachusetts hardship driver’s license. Also, the NH DMV requires those convicted of DUI to maintain liability insurance which is referred to as “financial responsibility” and documented by a certificate referred to as a “SR-22.”

Once you provide the New Hampshire Bureau of Financial Responsibility with proof of clearance from Massachusetts, the NH DMV will clear your NDR suspension from their system. You can reach the NH Bureau of Financial Responsibility at 603-271-3101.

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