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Clearing a 3 Surchargeable Events License Suspension

Massachusetts Registry News

When the Registry of Motor Vehicles intends to suspend your driver’s license and/or right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts, for 3 or 7 Surchargeable Events, you will receive written notice in advance. The Registry will send the license suspension notice to you mailing address which is on file with the RMV.  If you incur further motor vehicle violations, the Registrar may count them towards a future surchargeable events suspension or habitual traffic offender revocation.

The Registry imposes 3 surchargeable events suspensions when the official records of the Registrar reflect that you have been found responsible for 3 moving violations. To avoid imposition of a 3 surchargeable events suspension, a Registry lawyer or hearing is not required. All that you must do is attend and pass a Driver Retraining Program within 90 days of the date listed on your suspension notice. Failure to satisfactorily complete the National Safety Council course will result in the automatic suspension of your license and/or right to operate all motor vehicles in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Without further notice, the 3 surchargeable events suspension will begin on the date listed in the letter and it will remain in effect until such time as you complete the required Driver Retraining Program and pay a $100.00 license reinstatement fee.

The National Safety Council (NSC) conducts the Registry-approved remedial training program and it should automatically send you a registration packet within a few days of your receipt of the Registry’s suspension letter. If you do not receive this packet, you can visit the NSC website or contact the National Safety Council by telephone at 1-800-215-1581.

You do have the right to a Registry hearing. However, the only issue that will be addressed at this hearing is the accuracy of your driving record. If you feel that an error has been made and you wish to challenge the your Registry record, you will need to present documentation to demonstrate that you were found not guilty or not responsible for a reported motor vehicle violation and/or at-fault surchargeable accidents. Hearings are held on a walk-in basis and at the RMV Customer Service Centers located in Brockton, Lawrence, Springfield, Worcester, and 630 Washington Street, Boston, 4th floor.

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