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Bypass the ignition interlock device? Don’t do it!


I have noticed that many people have been searching the internet for ways to bypass the ignition interlock device. Trying to bypass the ignition interlock device will likely result in a 10 year or lifetime suspension of your Massachusetts Driver’s License.

All ignition interlock devices used in Massachusetts have features built into them to detect and record circumvention attempts. The ignition interlock devices are also equipped with special seals which will show evidence of tampering. Ignition interlock devices will record any unusual electrician activity including high voltage or battery disconnection. During the monthly service visit, this data will be downloaded and transmitted to the Registry. If the ignition interlock data which indicates tampering or circumvention, the driver will be called in for an ignition interlock violation hearing, which may result in suspension of the interlock user’s driver’s license.

As bad as it is, if you tamper with an interlock device, a suspension may be the least of your problems. Under Melanie’s Law, tampering with an ignition interlock device is a felony which carries 6 month minimum mandatory jail sentence and a maximum sentence of up to 3 years in state prison.

If you are still drinking and you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, you have to be very careful not to trigger a failed rolling re-test. In many cases, drivers will pass an initial start test and fail a rolling re-rest. This may result in an interlock violation notice.

I am an ignition interlock specialist. If you are facing an ignition interlock related suspension or if you have received an interlock hearing notice from the Mass. RMV, please contact me at 508-881-1119 or via e-mail

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau

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