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Board of Appeal Decisions


The Board of Appeal usually decides the outcome of the cases which it hears on the same day of the hearing. However, the Board does not announce its decisions. Instead, the Board of Appeal will mail a written two page Finding and Order to the Appellant’s attorney within approximately 10 business days after the hearing. It may take longer to get a decision in some cases.

Do not call the Board of Appeal to find out the outcome of your case. The Board does not release hearing results over the telephone under any circumstances. Decisions are only released in writing.

The Board of Appeal will generate two documents. The first page is the “finding and order.” That is the actual decision. It will contain very specific instructions for the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The second page of the decision is the “statement of reasons.”

The statement of reasons is required by G.L. c. 30A § 11(8). This document explains in a summary format why the Board reached its conclusion in your case. It is only a summary and the Board has the right to supplement this statement of reasons in the event of an appeal of its decision to Superior Court.

The Board’s “Finding and Order” does not constitute a driver’s license and it is not a substitute for a license. In order to effectuate the Board’s order, you must take both pages to a Registry Hearing Officer for entry into the Registry’s computer. Hearing Officers are the only RMV personnel who are authorized to enter Board decisions into the Registry’s Computer.

The reinstatement of your license is contingent upon the payment of any outstanding fines or fees as well as satisfaction of any and all Registry requirements such as passing written and road tests, completion of required National Safety Council Courses, and/or reinstating your right to operate in other states. Also, depending on your record, you may be subject to the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Restriction. Unless the Board’s order specifically exempts you from the Registry’s reinstatement requirements, you will need to satisfy them in full prior to getting your license back.
Once you receive the Board’s order, usually via e-mail from your attorney, you should bring it to a Registry Hearing Officer in-person. If you live outside of Massachusetts, you may be able to speak with a Hearing Officer over the phone by calling the Registry of Motor Vehicles at 857-368-8200.

Please do not start driving until the Registry has reinstated your right to operate and issued you a new license or reactivated your suspended license.

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