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8 people arrested for Minor in Possession of Alcohol in Taunton, Mass.

Massachusetts Registry News

The Taunton Daily Gazette reported, this afternoon, that Officers from the Easton, Massachusetts Police Department arrested eight (8) teenagers for violating the Mass. Minor in Possession of Alcohol Law, G.L. c. 138 § 34C, last Wednesday night. The youngsters came to the attention of the police when a citizen observed them loading their vehicle full of beer. Police Officers caught the underage individuals behind an old grammar school, “red handed.” Alcoholic beverages were found on the ground and in their vehicles.

In Massachusetts, the RMV is legally required to suspend, for 90 days, the license of anyone convicted of being a minor in possession of alcohol. There is no ability to get a hardship license from the Registry for this suspension. However, in some cases, the Board of Appeal might grant hardship relief. Being a minor in possession of alcohol is only one of approximately 65 license suspension reasons

Also, if the individuals used fake IDs or false Massachusetts Driver’s Licenses to purchase the alcohol, they risk additional driver’s license suspensions of 6 months in length. Convictions are not required for these Fake ID suspensions and the Registry can suspend under this law whenever the RMV has “reason to believe” that a person violated the Massachusetts False ID Law, G.L. c. 138 § 34B.

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