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Massachusetts Ignition Interlock Device Vendors


MacMillen Automotive
388 Eastern Av.
Malden MA.
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Cap & Hitch of New England
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Statewide Ignition Intelrock

Other Massachusetts Drunk Driving Resources

The Bureau of Substance Abuse Services of the Massachusetts DPH oversees DUI Alcohol Programs for Massachusetts First and Second DUI Offenders. These drunk driving programs include the Massachusetts First Offender Driver Alcohol Education Program, which is also known as the 24D Program and the 14 day in-patient Second Offender DUI Program, as well as Second Offender DUI Aftercare.

The First Offender 24D Alcohol Program uses a structured group format where participants are given educational material to help them identify and understand alcohol abuse issues and drinking-and-driving behaviors. Although the major focus is on alcohol, drug abuse is also discussed. The program provides 40 hours of services conducted over 16 weeks and includes an assessment, participation in self-help and victim-impact community meetings. The program is required for DUI hardship licensing.

The DUI 2nd offender alcohol program is a 14 day in-patient program for those convicted of DUI 2nd offense. The Mass. 2nd offender DUI program consists of medical evaluation, individual and group counseling, educational sessions including the introduction to self-help, recreation, and assurance that assignment has been made to an appropriate DUI 2nd Offender Aftercare Program.

The drunk driving 2nd offender aftercare program builds on the success of the in-patient program and it represents phases two and three of the overall three-phase treatment model. In phase two, each program provides 8 weeks of group/individual services in order to assess the risk and needs of the client. After phase two is completed, an individual treatment plan will be developed that will serve as the basis of phase three. Each client will be involved in treatment for the length of probation (2 years). Upon completion of aftercare, a discharge summary indicating the risk of recidivism or relapse is provided. This is critical for getting a hardship license, from either the Registry or Division of Insurance Board of Appeal.

The Middlesex Driving Under the Influence of Liquor (“DUIL”) Program is a 14 day in-patient program for 2nd offenders.

Alcoholics Anonymous of Boston
12 Channel St,  Suite 604
Marine Industrial Park
Boston, MA 02210

SMART Recovery Program

In Massachusetts hardship license cases or license suspension appeals involving the State of New Hampshire, you should confirm that you have met your obligations to the State of New Hampshire and that you are eligible for reinstatement in that state. Otherwise, the neither the Mass. RMV nor the Board of Appeal will grant you relief. You can reach the Financial Responsibility Unit New Hampshire DMV by phone at (603) 271-3101. Also, you can request a copy of your New Hampshire Driving Record by calling the NH DMV at (603) 271-2322 and you can reach the New Hampshire DMV Hearings Unit at (603) 271-3486. The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles is located at 23 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03305.

Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Laws

If you need to resolve a Rhode Island license suspension or revocation, which can result in the loss of your Massachusetts license, you must deal with the Rhode Island DMV. You can contact the Operator Control Unit of the Rhode Island DMV by calling 401-277-2994 or 401-462-0800.