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Top MA Hardship License Lawyer


A license suspension can be devastating, especially if it is unexpected. I understand that. In my practice, as a Hardship License Lawyer, I have over 20 years of experience in reversing driver’s license suspensions and obtaining hardship licenses for my clients in Massachusetts. I have successfully handled thousands of hardship license cases and I can put that experience to work for you.

The Massachusetts legislature recognized the profound pain and suffering that the loss of a license can cause and it has created the ability for certain people to be able to legally drive during the term of a license suspension. The legislature created hardship licenses to allow people to get to work, school, and medical appointments during the term of a license suspension. Although those are the reasons for the issuance of a hardship license, in Massachusetts there is no limitation of where a hardship license holder can drive once the license is granted.

In my publication Obtaining, Losing, and Seeking Reinstatement of Driver’s Licenses, which other lawyers use to learn how to appeal license suspensions, I explain the hardship license appeal process to attorneys who may not be familiar with the intricacies of the Registry’s strict hardship license requirements.

Getting a hardship license may not be easy and the Registry denies large numbers of hardship license requests on a daily basis. However, you have the right to be represented by a hardship license lawyer and you have the right to appeal any denial or adverse decision made by a Registry Hearing Officer. Unfortunately, hardship licenses are not available for indefinite immediate threat suspensions. However,  they can often be appealed and reversed so that the customer can get a full license reinstatement.

Do you need a Hardship License Lawyer?

If you are trying to get a hardship license for a first offense DUI suspension and you have a 45 to 90-day DUI license suspension,  you probably do not need a hardship license lawyer and you should be able to successfully represent yourself at the Registry hearing. You will need proof of enrollment in the 24D program and a work letter. 

It makes sense to retain a hardship license lawyer if you are facing a long-term suspension for DUI or being a Habitual Traffic Offender. It may also make sense to hire a lawyer if the Registry refused to grant a hardship license and referred you to the Board of Appeal. Preparation is the key to winning these cases and a hardship license lawyer can help you do that. You should also consider hiring a hardship license attorney if you are facing a suspension for 7 surchargeable events or a JOL speeding violation. These cases must go before the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal and most people who appear before the Board without a lawyer are denied.

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