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Attorney Brian Simoneau is a great lawyer. He is very versed on the current laws and he will help you convey a well organized winning case. I would highly recommend him.
James F.
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Top License Suspension Attorney


Recommended MA License Suspension Attorney

Attorney Brian Simoneau has established himself as a top license suspension attorney in Massachusetts. He has over twenty years of experience and he is the “go-to guy” for license suspension appeals and hardship licenses.

Attorney Simoneau played a lead role in the case of Souza v. Registrar of Motor Vehicles, where the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled that the RMV miscalculated thousands of DUI license suspensions.

Since 2001, he has helped thousands of grateful clients get their licenses back and he may be able to do that for you too. He is an expert when it comes to ignition interlock violations and he serves as a resource to other lawyers throughout Massachusetts. He often consults with out-of-state lawyers regarding licenses suspensions penalties in Massachusetts and the hardship license appeal process.

Attorney Simoneau is a co-editor of the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education publication regarding how to appeal license suspensions and obtain hardship licenses. He literally wrote the book on the laws governing suspensions and reinstatements. This is the publication that other lawyers use to learn how to fight for their clients. There are only a handful of stilled and experienced license suspension attorneys in Massachusetts and Attorney Simoneau is at the forefront of this group. Few lawyers thoroughly understand the inner workings of the RMV and what it takes to overturn license revocations, this is why it makes sense to retain the right license suspension attorney to protect your operating privileges.

If you are faced with a license suspension or revocation, please complete the contact form to have Attorney Simoneau review your case at no cost. After speaking with him, you will know exactly where you stand. Don’t suffer needlessly with a license suspension when you may be able to get reinstated and drive legally with a valid license. Whether at the Registry or the Board of Appeal, you deserve to have a lawyer fighting for you. The Registry has lawyers on its side and you should have one on your side.

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