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The Work and Family Mobility Act

License Fraud

The Work and Family Mobility Act was enacted on June 9, 2022. This new law is scheduled to go into effect at the Registry of Motor Vehicles on July 1, 2023. Once this new law takes effect, applicants for Massachusetts Non-Real ID Driver’s Licenses will not need to prove lawful presence to get a driver’s license. The Registry will issue licenses regardless of the applicant’s immigration status.

This will help those who do not currently have proof of lawful presence in the United States, which has been a barrier to licensing in Massachusetts. This barrier has generated thousands of license fraud cases and “complaint fraudulent license” suspensions.

Massachusetts will join numerous other states which do not require license applicants to supply proof of lawful presence to get a driver’s license. With the passage of this law, Massachusetts will join sixteen other states. Neighboring states of Vermont and Connecticut no longer require proof of immigration status. This legislation was supported by the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police. Governor Baker vetoed the bill, but his veto was overridden and the bill is slated to become law in Massachusetts in 2023.

Details are currently unclear as to exactly how the Registry of Motor Vehicles will implement this new law and there are efforts underway to repeal the law. More information regarding the Work and Family Mobility Act will be posted as it becomes available. At the present time, proof of lawful presence is required to obtain a driver’s license. This will not change until July 1, 2023.

Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this new law should address any outstanding traffic tickets, fast lane violations, warrants, license fraud cases, and anything else which might prevent them from being issued a driver’s license once the law goes into effect. Those applying for licensure under the Work and Family Mobility Act will not be able to get a “Real-ID.”

There’s likely to be a massive influx of driver’s license applicants when this law becomes effective and those seeking driver’s licenses may face a considerable delay in scheduling written and road tests.

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