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Attorney Brian Simoneau is a great lawyer. He is very versed on the current laws and he will help you convey a well organized winning case. I would highly recommend him.
James F.
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Successful Ignition Interlock Defense


Attorney Brian E. Simoneau has an exceptional track record with Ignition Interlock Violation (IVO) cases. He has successfully attacked the interlock device, on multiple levels, from both a legal and scientific perspective. Through Attorney Simoneau’s efforts, countless clients have dodged 10 year and lifetime license suspensions.

In ignition interlock violation cases, Attorney Simoneau submits a comprehensive and detailed package which includes a legal memorandum regarding the interlock program in general, and the facts of each client’s particular case. Also included in the submission are various exhibits and, usually, an affidavit from the interlock user regarding the facts and circumstances of the alleged violation(s). This written submission protects the client by putting key information on the record at the interlock violation hearing and, if necessary, at the Board of Appeal.

If you have appeared before the Registry at an Interlock violation hearing and lost your case, please contact Attorney Simoneau. He has successfully defended clients at both the Registry and Board of Appeal level. If you have already lost your interlock hearing at the first level, it is absolutely critical to be well prepared for the suspension appeal. This is usually your final chance to put evidence on the record that may help you get your license back. Do not take a chance with a lawyer who does not handle interlock cases routinely; it may cost you your license. Attorney Simoneau will gladly provide references from clients who have been able to keep their licenses because of his representation.

Attorney Simoneau will review your interlock violation case and provide you with a free consultation; you can reach him anytime at 508-625-5776 or via the contact form on this website.

However, if you are a Massachusetts reident and you are seeking an exemption from the Registry’s Ignition Intelrock Program, you will likely have an uphill battle. Except in a few situations where the Registry may have improperly calculated the length of your breathalzyer refusal suspension, you probably will be IID required if you have 2 or more DUI convictions or alcohol program assignments on your record and you are reinstating after January 1, 2006. The lID requirement of Melanie’s Law, has repeatedly withstood ex post facto, due process, and double jeopardy challenges in Massachusetts Appellate and Superior Courts. Contact Attorney Simoneau for more information.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles Division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, MassDOT, holds ignition interlock violation hearings at the Registry Branch which is located at 136 Blackstone Street in Boston, Massachusetts.  Appeals of lifetime and 10 year ignition interlock device violations are heard by the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals at their office which is located at 1000 Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts. You are entitled to be represented by a lawyer at any ignition interlock violation hearing and having a lawyer may make the difference between keeping your driver’s license or having it revoked for 10 years or life.

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