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Satisfy Outstanding Obligations Prior to your Board of Appeal Hearing

Massachusetts Registry News

The Massachusetts Board of Appeals hears hardship license appeals from those who were denied hardship licenses from the Mass. RMV. Prior to attending a Board of Appeal hearing, it is important to satisfy all outstanding obligations such as unpaid child support, parking tickets, traffic citations, excise tax, property damage claims, and any other unsatisfied obligation.

I recently observed a hearing where the Appellant, who was seeking hardship relief on a 7 surchargeable events suspension, appeared before the Board for a hardship license hearing, without having paid his traffic tickets and attended the required National Safety Council Attitudinal Driving Course.

The Board of Appeal refused to hear the Appellant’s case and, by appearing without having met his obligations, he substantially hurt his chances of getting a hardship license in the future. The outcome of this case shows how important it is to be prepared for your Board of Appeal hearing. The Board will have a complete copy of your Massachusetts driving and criminal records. It is critical to address any outstanding requirements prior to coming before the Board. Otherwise, you will likely be denied hardship license consideration. Contact a lawyer such as Attorney Brian E. Simoneau for more information.

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