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RMV Announces new License Expiraton Reminder Program

Massachusetts Registry News

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has announced an innovative new notification program that will electronically remind Massachusetts license holders when their licenses are about to expire.

Yesterday, the RMV announced that it had contracted with, Sendza Inc., a Marlboro-based firm that specializes in electronic messaging to provide courtesy reminder messages regarding license expirations. This program replaces the paper expiration reminder notices which, until last October, were mailed out to Massachusetts Drivers.

The Registry was forced to discontinue mailing the expiration notices because of budget cuts. The RMV reported A savings of approximately $800,000 when it stopped mailing the courtesy reminders. Many criticized the move. However, given the state’s fiscal situation, it was a responsible way to save a substantial amount of money.

The service will provide text, electronic mail, or a recorded voice message reminder 30 days prior to the expiration of the subscriber’s license. Subscription is free and you can enroll via the Mass. RMV website.

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