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Registrar Terminates Employee for Unprofessional Tweets

Massachusetts Registry News

Reporting for the Boston Herald, O’Ryan Johnson recently wrote about a Registry employee who was terminated yesterday for posting disparaging and inappropriate “tweets” about his co-workers, supervisors, and the members of the public who pay his salary.

The Registry took swift and decisive action against the employee, once the violations were brought to the Registrar’s attention. Registrar Rachel Kaprelian told the Herald that the employee’s “postings on this Twitter account are offensive and reprehensible…”

The poster, Jaheel Robinson, worked in the Registry’s busy telephone call center, where he fielded telephone calls from Massachusetts drivers. In his posts, he tweeted about how he believed that the callers were always wrong and how he would sometimes hang up on them or leave them on hold.

The Registry should be commended for promptly terminating Mr. Robinson from state job which he no longer deserves to hold. In my law practice, I deal with Registry Hearings Officers and some other employees on nearly a daily basis. I have found them to be courteous, helpful, polite, overworked, and underpaid. They work in adverse conditions, deal with a high volume of transactions, and, overall, deliver excellent service to the public.  Robinson’s actions only served to perpetuate the stereotype that Registry employees are uncaring and unprofessional. I have not seen that to be the case and I deal with the Registry constantly.

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